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  • 70mai Cam Mirror Midrive D04
  • 70mai Cam Mirror Midrive D04
  • 70mai Cam Mirror Midrive D04
  • 70mai Cam Mirror Midrive D04
  • 70mai Cam Mirror Midrive D04
70mai Cam Mirror Midrive D0470mai Cam Mirror Midrive D0470mai Cam Mirror Midrive D0470mai Cam Mirror Midrive D0470mai Cam Mirror Midrive D04

70mai Cam Mirror Midrive D04

  • Category: Cameras & Drones
  • Battery Life: 20minutes
  • View angle: 105°-140°
  • Camera Resolution: 2560x1600
  • Product description:English Version 70mai Smart Dash Cam Mirror 70mai Rearview Cam 1600P 70mai Smart Car DVR 24H Parking Monitor Reverse Car DVR
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New 70mai Dash Cam Mirror Original 70 mai Mirror Car Recordor 1600P Car Cam Mirror 24H Parking Monitor 140FOV Night Vision Free Wifi Car DVR Pro G- sensor Parking System



70mai Dash Cam Mirror need only with TF card that can start recording and storage for video. The original Class 10 TF card is the only authorised Card from 70mai.

Seller will only recommend the original 70mai brand and Sandisk brand Class 10 TF card to buy.

Usually most customers would like to buy the 32GB TF card for normal using. 1_05

G-sensor Due to the bulit-in G-sensor technology, 70mai dash cam can automatically start recording when collision detacted. Footage locked in Event File seperated from regular file to avoid being overwritten.

A G-sensor is triggered by a G-force event like an impact or a sudden braking manenver. Whenever an event is detected, the camera will automatically record the current

footage for safekeeping and give voice broadcast.


24-Hour Parking Monitor

In parking mode, 70mai dash cam Mirror enters into sleeping mode but keeps monitroing vehicles. The time-lapse allows efficiently use of storage, and automatically overwitten the oldest footages with the latest ones. Due to the G-sensor, cam start recording videos itself if there's any collision occurs, and the footage of event will be stored seperately   in Event Files, avoiding being erased.



WDR technology can adjust exposure balance, enabling the camera to pick up greater detail in darkness and highlights, allowing the dash cam to process more light on the

sensor and produce a more vibrant image.



Defog algorithm can effectively reduce distortion or degradation of images and reproduce a clear vision while driving in smoke and haze environment.ia_600000033ia_600000027

140° Wide Angle

140° Wide Angle allows a larger viewing angle to be recorded, and enables drivers to see 4 lanes of traffic. Along with 6 glass, it can provide light transmission, thus recording

crystal clear video.


No Vioce Control APP support 1 language: English


70MAI HD Reverse Back up Camera

70MAI HD Reverse Back up Camera is available now,need to be purchased seperately.



1. Provide Evidence For Accident
2. 24H-Monitor Your Car
3. Capture Great Moment While Dri ving
H270mai Mirror + Reverse Cam-960