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  • 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2
  • 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2
  • 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2
  • 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2
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70mai Dash Cam Lite 2

  • Category: 70Mai
  • LCD Display
  • 1080P Full HD
  • Superior Night Vision
  • Time-lapse Recording
  • Product description:70mai Dash Cam Lite 2 Superior Night Vision; Time-lapse Recording; GPS & Route-tracking
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A Standard Dash Cam for Everyone
The Lite 2 is an all-embracing, beginner-friendly dash cam suitable for practically all drivers. As an upgraded model from the Dash Cam Lite, the Lite 2 maintains essential capabilities including 1080P full HD resolution, superior night vision, 2-inch LCD screen, parking surveillance and app control. For the new features it provides fully-funcitioned 24H parking surveillance. This dash camera also compatible with our newest positioning system for more stable positioning, providing you accurate real-time speed and coordinate information.
Entry-level Dash Cam With Full HD Image Quality
The new dash cam Lite 2 equipped with 1080P full HD recording, clearly capturing license plates, road signs, and signal lights. Its 130° wide-angle FOV can easily cover up to three lanes of traffic, which provides the basic needs in daily life.
24H Parking Monitoring,Leveld Up Now
While the vehicle is under stationary, the built-in G-sensor can initiate automatic recording when sudden shakes or collisions are detected. When an emergency video is recorded, you will be notified with a voice alert after you get back to the car. Moreever, the dash cam Lite 2 also supports time-lapse recording, which can maximize the efficiency of storage use to ensure there’s no missing on any evidential moments.
(Kindly Reminder: In case of low car battery voltage, the dash cam will be turned off automatically to protect car battery.)
Superior Night Vision with WDR Technology
With the F2.0 aperture and WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) technology, the dash cam Lite 2 can provide stable performance by clearly capturing details such as road signs and car plates even at night.
Provide every evidential moment by Time-Lapse Recording
Equipped with the Time-lapse recording, the dash cam Lite2 compresses 30 minutes of footage into one minute, enabling long-period continuous recording that takes up 1/30 the storage space as in regular recording.
Stable and Accurate Signals Achieving
After completing the connection between your dash cam and the External GPS Module, the Lite 2 will give you access to real-time trip data including speed and coordinates. For this dash cam, we designed the External GPS Module, which is adhered to the front dashboard to prevent potential signal interference caused by the defroster film on the upper front windshield. Also, route-tracking can be automatically traced when you are driving, which can be viewed in the 70mai App after each trip.
(Kindly Reminder: To enable the real-time positioning and route tracking, the 70mai External GPS Module is required to be installed and sold separately.)
Emergency Recording achieved by the built-in G-sensor
The built-in G-sensor of the dash cam Lite2 can initiate automatic recording when sudden shakes or collisions are detected, keeping important evidence for unexpected events. Emergency videos are automatically saved in the dash cam’s “Event Folder” , which is saved separately to prevent them to be overwritten by regular footages.
Explore your dash cam via 70mai App
The dash cam Lite 2 provides a more stable connection by using both the built-in Wi-Fi to connect with your phone. Once the connection has been successfully set up, you can easily view, access, and download footage without using cell data and manage settings such as Recording Duration (1min/2min/3min), G-Sensor Sensitivity(high/low/off), Auto OFF after Car Shuts Off (5min/10min/20min/ever), etc.
Broader Language Selections for Global Users
To better serve the diverse preferences of our global users, the Lite 2 offers a much broader language selection including English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Thai, French, German, Czech, Romanian, and Traditional Chinese. The Lite 2 demonstrates 70mai’s dedication to keep adding values to its existing line of products, consistently improving user experience.
70mai Hardwire Kit UP02
Equipped with the 70mai Hardwire Kit UP02, the 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2 enables the time-lapse recording, which allows the dash cam to achieve fully-functioned 24H Parking Monitoring by compressing 30 minutes of footage into one minute to maximize the efficiency of storage us
70mai External GPS Module (For 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2 ONLY)
The External GPS Module can be easily adhered to the front dashboard, which prevents potential signal interference caused by the defroster film on the upper front windshield. This tiny accessory can pinpoint the exact location of an accident if one should occur, which automatically trace your driving route after you finish a trip (Note: The driving route is available for review in the 70mai app after each trip.)