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  • Dreame V10
  • Dreame V10
Dreame V10Dreame V10

Dreame V10

  • Category: Other Brands
  • Voltage (V): 220V
  • Dust Box Capacity (L): 0.5 L
  • Product description:Dreame V10 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Smart Home Appliance Portable Cordless Cyclone Filter Carpet Cleaning Dust Collector
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* Vacuum suction: 22000Pa
* Operating power: 450W
* Suction power: 140AW
* Battery life: 60min
* Turbo booster board
* SmartCool air-cooled self-regulating system, ensure motor energy efficiency and battery status

Space 3.0 new generation of efficiency motor
100,000 rpm Increase the suction by 16%

New generation of efficiency-enhancing motors, based on the third generation of 100,000-rpm high-speed brushless motors, upgraded and assembled turbo booster motherboards to further optimize motor efficiency and increase operating power to 450W.