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  • KingSmith Walking Pad R1 Pro
  • KingSmith Walking Pad R1 Pro
  • KingSmith Walking Pad R1 Pro
  • KingSmith Walking Pad R1 Pro
KingSmith Walking Pad R1 ProKingSmith Walking Pad R1 ProKingSmith Walking Pad R1 ProKingSmith Walking Pad R1 Pro

KingSmith Walking Pad R1 Pro

  • Category: Other Brands
  • Rated Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Minimum Speed: 0.5km/h
  • Gross Weight: 38KG
  • Product description:WalkingPad R1 Pro Smart Fitness Exercise Machine Treadmill 2 in 1 Foldable Walking and Running Treadmill With Belt HWC
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Parameters of WalkingPad R1 Pro

Product Name : WalkingPad R1 Pro Speed Range : 0.5-10km/h Mode : Running Mode/ Walking Mode Motor Power : 1.25hp Platform Height : 77mm Rated Voltage : 100V/220V Maximum Capacity : 110kg / 242lbs Applicable Age : 14~60 years old IML Panel Craftsmanship : High Precision IML Injection Molding Working Dimensions : 1500*720*900mm Folded Dimensions : 980*720*155mm Walking Area : 1200*440mm Net Weight : 33kg / 72.75 lbs Gross Weight : 38kg / 83.78 lbs

Speed Limit of Beginners

It is our mission to let our users and the whole family feel at ease when walking. We have repeatedly verified every detail so that every user can quickly get familar with it, making it easier and safer to use R1.

Utility Model Patents

Unlock New Possibilities The patented "double fold" technology of platform, stimulates more storage possibilities.The KingSmith R1 has a patented "double fold" technology that allows the exercise platform to be folded in 180 degrees, having greatly reduced the storage space, and can be easily stored even in small space.

Easy to Move Just Like A Luggage

R1 Pro is designed with subtle handrail and wheel , which make storage much easier and handier.

Stored Upright

Smaller , thinner and more space-saving R1 Pro is able to be put upright.The machine is thin to 15cm, taking up less than 0.2 square metre.By using the wheels at the bottom,it can be stored in narrow space at home --- saving much room for other things.

Brilliant Design

Can't Wait to See It One More Time R1 Pro comes with the KingSmith design style.The motor room and the runway is fully combined,which makes R1 Pro's runway acquire a sports style much like a track.

High-brightness Light-emitting LED Panel

Eye-catching And Dazzling The panel is made of exquisite IML manufacturing technology , which gives a strong product texture. It is fully integrated with the matrix LED lamp beads. The users can get clear data display under strong sunlight and dim light.

Subtle Design

Dual Mode Exercise Machine R1 Pro processes distinct design.lts normal use is a treadmill , meeting the need for daily running.When the handrail is put down,it turns into a more space-saving walkingpad , suitable for different use.

New Way For Working Say NO to“the seated"

Putting the handrail down,you will enter the waling mode. Move itunder your desk,you will improve your state of working.

Back to Running Focus on Training

Lifting the handrail up,you can start to use the running mode , of which the speed limit is 10km/h , only supporting the control of the remote in the M mode.

Can Be Used By Every Family Member

Taking Turn to Walk Everyday Put down the handrail,then you can use the walking mode. The speed limit of walking mode is 6km/h,two sports mode --- M&A mode---are available,which will satisfy the walking need in a family.

Enhanced Brushless Motor

Reduced Noise R1 Pro is equipped with a brand new brushless motor. The brushless motor is more able to hold down the noise while working out and improve the max load of the treadmill. And through long-time operation test,its duration and stability have all been improved.

Integrated Aluminium Frame

Walk And Run Freely R1 Pro has a casted aluminum alloy main body,the both stability and duration have been improved,which makes it more durable and firm with thinner design.

Comfortable Running Platform

Derived From Layer Preference The treadmill platform is a frequently used position, that is why we use high-density fiberboard to ensure its excellent quality; EVA cushioning layer with comfortable texture; smooth layer with low friction coefficient; wear-resistant and anti-slip running belt.

Hidden Phone/ Tablet Holder

We designed a dedicated slot for phone and tablet on the handle , so you can always stay entertained and connected.

Safety Clip and Handle

The WalkingPad R1 Pro has a newly added safety clip and front handle to keep you safe while you exercise. The handle provides additional balance while the safety clip acts as an emergency stop button.

Three Ways Easy Control

In the walking mode,R1 Pro supports three ways to be operated. You can use the remote in M mode.In A mode,which only supports walking ,the speed can be adjusted by walking speed , and you can choose mode and function through KS Fit APP.

Controllable By Walking Speed

Easy to Change The Speed The pressure sensors embedded in the base monitor the user's motion zone in real time,and respond quickly to the user's shifting intent, instantly adjust the speed,it S ony available in walking mode.

Subtle Remote Control

Easy to Catch Seemingly simple remote control,which has been shaped hundreds of times by manual model,comes into this subtle design. The lanyard is connected to it,making it easy to hold in hand and hard to lose.

Convenient APP

Easy Control by Hand R1 Pro can connect to exclusive APP , you can operate R1 Pro through your phone. And you can use KS Fit to choose R1 Pro's function,including mode switch,start,speed up,slow down, stop and other operations. In addition, you can exercise according to the exclusive working-out plan, just follow it to work out.