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  • Mi  LED Desk Lamp 1S
  • Mi  LED Desk Lamp 1S
  • Mi  LED Desk Lamp 1S
  • Mi  LED Desk Lamp 1S
  • Mi  LED Desk Lamp 1S
Mi  LED Desk Lamp 1SMi  LED Desk Lamp 1SMi  LED Desk Lamp 1SMi  LED Desk Lamp 1SMi  LED Desk Lamp 1S

Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S

  • Category: LED Light
  • Lifetime: 25000h
  • Features: Decorative,Eye Protection,LED
  • Color temperature range: 2700 - 6500K
  • Product description:Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp LED 1S Smart Home read desk lamp student office table light fold Bedside night light Wifi Mihome APP
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Mijia LED Table Lamp Main Features
● A level optical illumination, restore a more realistic color world
● Fresnel optical lens to make the light more even and natural
● No video flashing under any color temperature and brightness, reducing eye burden and protecting eyesight
● 4 kinds of lighting modes for you to choose, always care for your eyes
● Don't be too dark, don't be too bright, as long as you like
● Support Xiaoai and Siri voice control, support physical knob to adjust brightness and color temperature
● Can access Mihome APP and HomeKit system at the same time
● Search for "Mi Smart Home" in the "App Store" or "Google Play" to download the APP and connect to your device, then start your smart life
Mijia LED Smart Table Lamp
A lamp that uses AC power directly flashes 100 times per second.
Although it is not easy to perceive, it is easy to cause visual fatigue and even injury.Tookfun.
Mijia LED smart desk lamp minimizes this flicker as much as possible, greatly reducing injuries.
Stable light source, uniform light, no flicker, no UV
Strobes are like impurities in light. The less flicker, the softer and purer the light.
Mijia LED smart table lamp uses an RC filter and dimming chip to convert
the strobe-prone AC control signal into a relatively smooth DC control signal to ensure
that the current constantly supplies power to the LED lamp beads.Tookfun.
While alleviating eye fatigue, it also effectively reduces the possibility of suffering from myopia.
After a lot of data analysis, 4 common table lamp usage modes are summarized.
1. Focus mode
In focus mode, users can set up a 'focus time' and 'rest period',
each completed a 'focus time' lamp,  the lamp will remind the users to take a rest via 'breathing light',
which helps users improve work efficiency, reduce eye fatigue
2. Read mode
Mi smart LED lamp provides users with a more neutral color temperature ( 4000K )
and 100pct brightness,  which improves readers' attention as well as prolong reading time without tiring
3. PC mode
Blue light from computers can be damaging to your eyes.Tookfun.
2700K color temperature pleasant light is designed to reduce the proportion of blue light
when using computers, protecting users eyes
4. Kid mode
Since the eyes of children haven't developed completely and can be easily hurt,
Mi Smart LED lamp, designed for children, has passed the Biosafety certified to meet
the latest safety standards,  silently protect the children from damaging eyesight
Connect with Mihome APP to control 4 usage modes.
Stepless adjustment of color temperature and brightness via Mihome APP.
Click the button: Turn the desk lamp on / off
Rotate button: adjust light brightness
Hold and rotate button: adjust color temperature
Double-click the button: Quickly turn on focus mode
Mijia LED smart desk lamp has a unique optical lens design,
making the light as soft and comfortable as natural light.
 The shaft part adopts the all-metal structure design,
and it has passed 10,000 opening and closing tests,
which is more reliable and has a longer life.
The scientific heat dissipation structure can not only give full play to
the performance of the lamp beads,
ensure soft and uniform light, but also extend the service life.