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  • Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro
  • Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro
  • Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro
  • Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro
Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 ProMi Smart Standing Fan 2 ProMi Smart Standing Fan 2 ProMi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

  • Category: Xiaomi
  • Rated voltage: 100V~240V
  • Rated power: 24W, 50/60Hz 0.6A
  • Output voltage: 12V – 2A
  • Noise level: Less than 58dB
  • Product description:1.Product net weight: 3.2kg ; 2.Product size: 343x330x1000mm ; 3.Power cord length: 1.6m ;
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Wireless and portable, applicable everywhere

In the living room, ultra-wide cooling air supply reduces the temperature

Super cool air in the kitchen to drive away the sultry cooking

Double natural wind, the wind is even better Immerse in all directions

The double-layer fan blades, DC inverter motor, and natural wind algorithm are integrated into the body to form a sense of natural wind blowing, the air supply range is wider, and the accelerated deflector wind hood allows the wind in the wilderness valley to take away the sultry between the light kisses on the skin.

2800mAh big battery for long time standby

7+5 double wing fan blades The secret to making the wind more “soft”

The double-layer structure fan blades rotate inside and outside at the same time, generating two kinds of wind speeds, which collide with each

other to eliminate vortices, and the output range is larger, more three-dimensional, and more gentle natural wind.

100 blocks of fine speed adjustment* 24h timing to meet different needs

1~100 block self-selecting air supply intensity, you can set the 7x 24 hour timer on the Mijia APP settings page, switch between natural wind

direct blowing and different gears*, so that the wind speed can more closely match your personal needs.

140° super wide-angle air supply Accelerate the flow of cool wind throughout the house

The ultra-large wide-angle air supply covers a wider air supply area; the air supply at a distance of up to 14 meters is sufficient, and the whole house is cool enough.

One-click disassembly button
Flexible switching of two-section pillars

Clean air supply
Removable grille is easy to clean

Precision stepless damping shaft
Smoother adjustment

Child lock function
Prevent misuse by children

Smart wind linkage and change*, support Al voice control

Four control methods, in addition to the traditional top button control, support Xiaoai classmates voice control, Mijia APP remote control, and Xiaomi loT

linkage, it is easy to create a comfortable and cool summer.

Modular design, easy disassembly and assembly in 6 steps

Every detail is carefully polished

R & D in strict accordance with national standards, after a number of professional tests, professional guarantee, reliable quality.