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  • Ninebot One Z10
  • Ninebot One Z10
  • Ninebot One Z10
  • Ninebot One Z10
Ninebot One Z10 Ninebot One Z10 Ninebot One Z10 Ninebot One Z10

Ninebot One Z10

  • Category: Ninebot
  • Batttery Caoacity :995wh
  • Package weight: 24kg
  • Product size:24.8-11.81-24.8inches
  • Product description:NEW Ninebot z10 Xiaomi Mini Electric Scooter 18 inch One Wheel Smart Black 1800W
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Original Ninebot One Z10 Self Balancing Wheel Scooter Electric Unicycle 1800W Motor Speed 45km/h build-in Handle Hoverboard Z6

Strong performance

Powerful support for igniting speed and passion, every step is powerful.The output power of the motor is up to 1800w.The power battery capacity is up to 995wh.

The safety speed is 20km/h,and the cruising range is up to 90km.Motor output power : 1800WPower battery capacity : 995WhSafe speed : 20km/h

Unconventional feature

25 degree easy climbing.18 inch wide tire,with a strong grip vacuum tire,has a strong feature for different grounds.Each road is wide,and every second is differnet for you.

Soul bomber

Cool appearanceThe classic noble black is all over the body,the whole car is integrated with dynamic and experience texture.The heroic temperament in the soul is vividly

displayed.Colorful atmosphere lightsInherited and innovative subversive masterpieces,thousands of colors release cool pasion, so that your mood will be embarrassing.

Safe and secure

Double Hall backup motorCustomizable alarm speed valueBraking distance does not exceed 4 meters when driving at 20km/hEye of the night :

double LED highlights to break the dark limitBrake taillights : eye-catching red light for safer night riding