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  • Roborock S6 Max V
  • Roborock S6 Max V
  • Roborock S6 Max V
  • Roborock S6 Max V
Roborock S6 Max VRoborock S6 Max VRoborock S6 Max VRoborock S6 Max V

Roborock S6 Max V

  • Category: Family Tools
  • Power (W): <500W
  • Size(mm): 320*325*90mm
  • Dust Box Capacity (L): 0.5 L
  • Product description:Global Version Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner ReactiveAI and LiDAR Navigator Strong Suction Intelligent Mop
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Two Eyes to See

There's a reason all mammals have two eyes - stereoscopic vision means depth perception. Using dual cameras, S6 MaxV not only sees obstacles in its path. It accurately estimates their location and size and reroutes its course around them. All in the blink of an eye. Equipped with infrared imaging, it can also see in the dark. Combined with Roborock's renowned PreciSenseTM LiDAR navigation system, home navigation is fast and efficient every time, day or night.


Seeing is Knowing

ReactiveAI is powered by a Qualcomm APQ8053 processor chip, which performs 50% better than the one found in the S6, driving a Tensorflow convolutional neural network employing the latest deep learning architecture. It has been trained on tens of thousands of real-world images, so it can recognize and avoid common home hazards that may trip up other robots. From stray shoes to pedestals, to cables, and more. Even pet waste.

Avoiding the Unknown
Depth perception means S6 MaxV avoids more than what it recognizes. Any object – down to as small as 5cm (2in) wide and 3cm (1.1in) tall – can be seen and bypassed. It'll safely work its way around forgotten toys, pet bowls, misplaced cups of morning coffee. Ideal for busy homes.

Suction to the Max

The strongest fan in a Roborock vacuum takes a bow. This 2500Pa3 HyperForceTM stormer is 25% more powerful than in the Roborock S6, giving S6 MaxV the grunt to better capture fine dust from floors and reach deeper into carpets.

2500Pa          Max Suction

180 minutes   Maximum runtime

240sqm          Maximum vacuuming area(2580sqft)

25%               More Suction


Reach More Floors

Multi-level Mapping systems use PreciSenseTM LiDAR and visual scene recognition to recognize different levels of a home automatically5. Every floor can have independent No-Go Zones, Invisible Walls, and No-Mop Zones. S6 MaxV locates them all without you needing to open the Roborock app.

Genius Level Mopping

Click in the 297ml SnapMopTM system to unlock a suite of advanced mopping features. Set room-specific mopping schedules. Tailor water flow by room. Use No-Mop Zones to keep your carpets dry, and more. All controlled in-app.


Suitable for homes up to (2150sqft)6

 Roborock S6 MaxV can set room-specific mopping schedules

Your Home Your Order

If you prefer to have your bedrooms cleaned first thing in the morning, or your bathroom vacuumed last at the end of a cycle, you have that control. Customizable room sequencing means you can tell your robot the exact order you want your rooms cleaned.

Check in from Afar

Look around your home even when you're away. Fire up the Roborock app and drive around seeing what S6 MaxV sees. Make sure you've closed your doors, reassure yourself that your home is as you left it, or check in on the mischief your pets are up to. Even send a voice message to tell them you'll be home soon.


Never-Ending Learning

Roborock engineers are always adding more common home items to ReactiveAI. Ready for download to S6 MaxV robots around the globe wirelessly.