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  • Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV
  • Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV
  • Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV
  • Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV
  • Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV
  • Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV
  • Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV
Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxVRoborock Vacuum S7 MaxVRoborock Vacuum S7 MaxVRoborock Vacuum S7 MaxVRoborock Vacuum S7 MaxVRoborock Vacuum S7 MaxVRoborock Vacuum S7 MaxV

Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV

  • Category: Roborock
  • More Cleaning Less Emptying.
  • Keeps Out of Trouble with ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle.
  • Mop Floors and Vacuum Carpets in One Go.
  • Check in on family and pets from afar with video calling.
  • Product description:Roborock Vacuum S7 MaxV Clean Hard and Far: Choose powerful 5100Pa maximum suction, or 4.get up to 180 mins of runtime.
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ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle avoidance

Obstacle Avoidance

ReactiveAI 2.0 uses a 3D structured light obstacle avoidance system and a Neural Processing Unit to unleash a suite of powerful new capabilities.

Equipped with LED fill light, it can also see in the dark.

Avoiding the Unknown

S7 MaxV Plus can see and bypass objects down to as small as 5cm (2in) wide, and 3cm (1.1in) tall. Recognition accuracy may vary depending on

environmental factors.


Clean Often Empty Rarely

Get up to 120 days* of cleaning with only 1 bag change with the Roborock S7 MaxV Plus, bringing together the Roborock S7 MaxV Plus and

the Auto Empty dock which automatically empties your robot dustbin.

Multi-stage filtration system captures up to 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, keeping the air in your home fresh and clean.

* When using both included dust bags. And actual emptying interval will depend on use habits and environmental factors.

real-time calling

Real-Time Video Call

Video call to anywhere in your home through your robot. See who you are talking to, and hear them too.

Safe Data, Safe Home

Every image ReactiveAi processes is captured and deleted in an instant. No images saved means no images to lose. S7 MaxV Plus is also

certified by TUV Rheinland as a safe smart home product, keeping your data safe and secure.


Mop with the Power of Sound

Experience robot mopping like never before, with VibraRise sonic vibration technology that scrubs your floors up to 3000 times per

minute with consistently high pressure throughout the clean.

Ultrasonic Carpet Detection

After sensing a carpet, the mop is automatically lifted for vacuuming without stopping the cleanup.

So you can mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in a single clean.


Vacuum Carpets and Mop Floors in One Run

Fed up of rolling up carpets so your robot doesn’t get them wet when mopping? Don’t like having to run a robot vacuum and a robot mop

separately one after the other? Roborock S7 MaxV Plus identifies carpets using ultrasonic sound. Once a carpet is recognized, suction

power is automatically increased for deeper carpet cleaning. Choose from Mop Lifting mode for low pile carpets, and use

Avoid/No-Mop Zones to prevent cleaning of medium and high pile carpets.


Powerful Performance

Intense 5100Pa Suction

Intense 5100Pa suction power easily lifts dust from floors and pulls grime out of carpets, giving your home a better clean.

Large Battery

A large battery creates a run time of up to 180 minutes, ideal for larger homes.

Precision LiDAR Navigation

Precise LiDAR navigation creates accurate maps of your home. It accurately tracks the route traveled and helps make the most efficient

cleaning paths possible for every room.

Keep Stray Hair at Bay

Tackle hair without tangling up the all-rubber brush, which floats on a multi-directional frame to stay close to uneven ground for more

effective cleaning.