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  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2SXiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2SXiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2SXiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S

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  • LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) Navigation
  • A Smarter Way of Cleaning
  • Various Methods of Map Management
  • Multidirectional High-precision Sensors
  • Product description:Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S:Covers Your Whole House via Laser Navigation Technology for a Deeper Clean
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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S

Covers Your Whole House via Laser Navigation Technology for a Deeper Clean

Xiaomi 2S Vacuum Cleaner Robot White | Techinn

LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) NavigationCreates maps accurately and plans cleaning properly

A Smarter Way of CleaningPlans cleaning routes intelligently

Various Methods of Map ManagementManages maps and cleans in your favored way

Multidirectional High-precision SensorsHandles complex environments flexibly
2,200 Pa Powerful SuctionVacuums the waste easily
Electronically-controlled Water TankDispenses water evenly for mopping
Remote Control via Mi Home/Xiaomi Home AppManages your vacuum-mop anytime and anywhere
Accurately Creates Maps to Cover Your Whole House
Figures out your Home Layout Perfectly

Full coverage!Recognizes Your Home Layout with Great AccuracyUnder the cooperation of the LDS laser navigation and SLAM algorithm, the vaccum-mop can detect the house efficiently, map the layout fast, handle complex environments easily, create and save maps accurately.

Positions Wherever It GoesSaves the real-time locationsResumes cleanups

Adapts to Various Environments24h real-time navigationNo matter day or night

An Intelligent Thinker!

With Excellent Route-planning Ability

The RK3308 quad-core chip, allocated with the SLAM algorithm, brings stronger computing power, resulting in accurate positioning, intelligent path planning and efficient cleaning processes.

Easy Managing!Organize Maps Based on Your Cleaning NeedsThe vaccum-mop can automatically zone rooms during the first cleaning, and it can support the subarea cleaning and set up the restricted areas for multiple management.

Multi-floor MappingCleans different floors of your home at your will

So Nimble!Acts Smoothly and Flexibly in Complex Environments

Equipped with multi-directional precision sensors, the robot vacuum-mop realizes the real-time perception of the complex environment and achieves better cleaning.

Vacuum & Mop in One Go

For a Thorough Clean

A 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop ComboSucks Up Floating Dust, Mops Up Stubborn Stains

Various vacuuming and mopping modes are available to clean your home efficiently and fit your needs.

A Powerful Cleaner!

Vacuums the waste easily

The high-performance brushless motor constantly generates powerful suction to remove dirt from floors easily. The suction under turbo mode reaches up to 2,200Pa*.

Effective Gathering of Dust
Cleans thoroughly along edges and around corners

Sticking Closely to the Ground to Clean with High-speed Brush
Cleans floors deeply

Smooth Vacuuming with an Unobstructed Air Duct

Pulls up dirt without any loss of suction


Powerful Adsorption Capacity

Intercepts larger dust particles with great efficiency
4 Suction ModesFor Different Cleaning Needs
4 suction modes are designed for cleaning different kinds of dirt, from dust and hair to crumbs.
Moving in Zigzag Path!

Keeps Floor Spotless with Excellent Efficiency

Cleaning in Zigzag path can cover every corner of your home and significantly improve cleaning efficiency.
Mops Perfectly!
Not too Wet nor too Dry
With 3 water level settings, the vacuum-mop dispenses water as required, keeping the mop pad appropriately wet. With the extraordinary water-absorbing capacity, the microfiber mop pad can cover more areas with its large size to realize a better mopping effect.
3 Water Level Settings
Microfiber Mop Pad
Y-shape Mopping Pattern!
Repeatedly Wipes, Mops Up Stubborn Stains
The vacuum-mop will mop from left to right repeatedly in a Y-shape pattern. Along with the electronically-controlled water tank, it can easily get rid of stubborn stains.
Controls Cleaning at Your FingertipsFulfills Your Needs Remotely
In the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home AppVarious Functions to Explore
Through Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, you can switch the cleaning modes to meet personalized cleaning needs and control the vacuum-mop to complete indoor cleaning even when you are out.
* 2,200 Pa powerful suction: Data provided by 3i Robotix laboratory. When the vacuum-mop is fully charged and the battery voltage is greater than or equal to 16.5 V, seal the suction inlet with sealant, then measure and record the maximum static pressure value of the suction inlet under the Turbo mode. The result data was 2,200 Pa.
* Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app: Currently, the app (version 6.7.200) is only compatible with iOS 10.0 and above. Please update your iOS operating system in time for a better experience.
* The data presented on this page are from 3i Robotix laboratory unless stated otherwise.
* Illustrations of product, accessories, and user interface on this page are for reference purposes only. Actual product and functions may vary due to product enhancements.