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When it comes to Xiaomi the first thing that comes to mind are the smartphone or at the limit the pc. Then you think a little 'up and comes to mind that Xiaomi is that company that does everything. In fact it is true but not everyone knows that it is not really Xiaomi that produces all those devices that are not smartphones or pc and who knows it often makes a lot of confusion: the reality is that Xiaomi has always invested in other small satellite companies and sub-brands (making a minority investment and then leaving them autonomous) to create an ecosystem, which in turn have "sold" their brand to the Chinese giant. So slowly we can insert in this speech the concept of "differentiation", Referred for now only to the products offered.

If instead we talk about Xiaomi Ecosystem many think immediately of the Smart Home built with products exclusively branded by this brand: of course, the link is fast but also in this case the reality is different because the ecosystem is not only made up of this type of device, but also from all those produced by these small satellite companies, all different, that revolve around Xiaomi.

The company led by Lei Jun is among the most active investors in local Chinese start-ups, that not only are financially supported by it, but also help you position yourself in the market. Over the course of 3 years Xiaomi has provided assistance to over 89 start-ups. At the beginning of the 2017, the hottest year since the company was born, Xiaomi has invested around 1 billion dollars to support local Chinese start-ups.