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In March 2018, several elites with rich experience in Shenzhen B2B and B2C intelligent electronics industry decided to establish Hong Kong Bishop Technology Co., Ltd after looking at the advantages of Xiaomi's ecological chain products and their accumulated channel advantages. In September 2019, BISHOP established a branch and warehouse in Shenzhen due to the rapid development of overseas business.
We believe that science and technology will change the future and believe that excellent products are the foundation. BISHOP has successfully expanded its overseas sales channels and created first-class marketing capabilities by leveraging the traffic advantages of international rookie smartphone brands and smart eco-hardware products supported by the supply chain. The current distribution brands include Mijia, Huami, Zmi, Lumi, Chingmi, Smartmi, Chuangmi, Bluemi, Viomi and so on in Xiaomi and Xiaomi Ecological Chain products.
Up to now, we have nearly 600 varieties of Xiaomi ecological chain products. More importantly, some products are only available in our BISHOP and can be shipped globally, becoming one of the most important agents and distributors of Xiaomi's ecological chain products.

Just as the company name BISHOP itself implies and the pronunciation is the meaning of the Chinese homonym "陛下", all the customers are our bishop, we will always wholeheartedly provide the best products and services to treat each of our customers.