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Huawei Band 6Huawei Band 6Huawei Band 6

Huawei Band 6

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  • Language: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American, Slovenian, Dutch,Greek, Serbian, Hindi, Ukrai
  • COLOR Graphite Black | Amber Sunrise | Forest Green SCREEN AMOLED color screen
  • Resolution: 194 x 368 pixels
  • Size: 1.47 inches DIMENSION 43 mm (H) x 25.4 mm (W) x 10.99 mm (D)
  • Product description:Huawei Band 6 Smartband Blood Oxygen 1.47'' AMOLED Screen Heart Rate Tracker Sleep monitoring Smartband
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Huawei band 6

All-Day SpO2 Monitoring1 |FullView Display | 2-Week Battery Life2

Go Bigger for Better

Go Bigger for Better 96 Workout Modes TruSleep™2.0 Sleep Tracking 1.47” FullView Screen 2-Week Battery Life2 All-Day SpO2 Monitoring1 Truseen™4.0 Heart-Rate Monitoring

Making Data Great The large,high screen-to-body ratio display not only looks good,it also gives you more of the data you want.Bigger photos,more exercise stats,and constant heart Rate monitoring can be shown in stunning detail.And have more freedom to view it all ,thanks to the intuitive 4-way touchscreen controls. Face it Your Way Change your face to reflect your mood.With a huge variety of watch face designs to choose from,accessible through the HUAWEI Watch Face Store,there’ll always be a face to catch your eye. Swap them out with a simple swipe,and even use your own photos.Always put your best watch facwe forward.

Comfort in Colour

Wear what feels right to you. Choose from 3 different HUAWEI Band 6 strap colors, each with their own individual aesthetic. Made from skin-friendly, UV-treated silicone, they're super-light and refreshingly dirt-resistant. And weighing in at just 18g, strap yourself in for a seriously comfortable wear.

2 Week'Battery Life

The endurance athlete of the wearables' world, HUAWEI Band 6 offers an incredible 14 days' battery life for typical use3, and 10 days for heavy ses. When you do run out of battery, no problem - you can get 2 days' use rom just 5 minutes' charging time withl magnetic charger. Life's too short to be always running out of it .

All-day Heart Rate Monitoring

Keeping track of your heart rate is one of the best things you can do for your fitness and health. TruSeen ™4.0 heart rate monitoring technology uses an optical lens and Al-based data processing to accurately monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day. Be alerted instantly wher your heart rate drops below or rises above safe levels. Put the health of your heart front and centre.

All-day SpO2 Monitoring

Chronic low blood oxygen saturation, SpO2, can lead to fatique, memory loss, and even brainand heart damage. For these reasons, you'l want to make sure you always stay in the safe zone. HUAWEI Band 6 has a built-in SpO2 detection system1 that monitors your blood oxygen saturation 24/7. If it drops too low the band will vibrate, so you can take time out to breathe and regain your equilibrium.

TruSleepTM 2.0Sleep Tracking

Wake up to better sleep. TruSleep™ 2.0 detects when you're awake, and when you're in one of 4 different sleep states -deep sleep. light sleep REM and napping. With 96.3% improved accuracy, it records not only how much you've slept, but also your quality of sleep. 6 major sleep problems can be identified, and you'll be able to receive over 200 sleep improvement suggestions. Better days start with better sleep.

TruRelax™ Stress Monitoring

Relieve it, don't re-live it. Track your stress levels throughout the day with TruRelax™ stress monitoring, and when they get too high, use the built-in breath training guide to return yourself to a relaxed, focused state of mind. Start on the way to a less stressed life.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking6

Stay in touch with your body. Keep an easy-tonavigate calendar of your menstrual cycle with HUAWEI Band 6. Receive discreet, timely reminders for when your period is coming. A caring, helpful friend on your wrist.

Ring in the New You

Activate your day by setting 3 daily activity goals -Steps. exercise time, and standing up time Hours Active. Modrate-to-high Intensity Activity.HUAWEI Band 6 will automatically keep a track of your progress via colourful, eye-catching rings. Get motivating reminders and notifications when you've achieved your goals. It always feels.better when you've earned it.

Work it all Out

When you're putting all your effort into working out, let HUAWEI Band 6 take care of the rest. Choose from up to 96 different exercise modes, and keep a track of your heart rate, calories, and more. All your data can be stored and analysed in easy-to-read graphs, so you can chart your fitness journey and set goals that inspire you

Personal Assistant

HUAWEI Band 6 isn't just a health and fitness tracker, it's also a more convenient way to interface with your phone. View incoming calls and messages, get weather updates, control your music', plus take photos through your phone's camera8,all from the comfort of your own wrist.