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  • Mi Electric Shaver S500
  • Mi Electric Shaver S500
  • Mi Electric Shaver S500
  • Mi Electric Shaver S500
  • Mi Electric Shaver S500
Mi Electric Shaver S500Mi Electric Shaver S500Mi Electric Shaver S500Mi Electric Shaver S500Mi Electric Shaver S500

Mi Electric Shaver S500

  • Category: Personal Care
  • Charging Time: 1.5h
  • Battery Life: Max. 60 minutes
  • Charging Interface: Type-C
  • Product description:Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500 S500C Portable Flex Razor 3 Head Dry Wet Shaving Washable Beard Trimmer Dual Blade LED Display
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Product Features:
* 3 shaving heads and 360°floating system well fit facial figure.
* IFT floating technology offers smooth cleaning experience.
* Dual-ring mesh and dual blades effectively enhances the shaving efficiency.
* A powerful Mabuchi Motor 260 engine has high rotating strength and speed
* Double-layer blades for a cleaner and more thorough shave
* ECM electrochemical processing technology,the cutter head is wear-resistant.
* Acceleration mode Deep Cleansing
* LED digital display 4 functional and considerate screen
* IPX7 full body waterproof, convenient wet & dry use experience
* Full charging with Type-C interface, enable to 60min use, specially for travelling or business trip.
Product Specifications:
Brand: Xiaomi Mijia                       
Waterproof Level: IPX7
Charging Interface: Type-C
Rated Input: 5V/1A                       
Charging Time:1.5 hours
Rated Power: 3W                          
Battery Life: Max. 60 minutes
More Pictures:
Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500:
Floating veneer is cleaner and decompression design is more comfortable
3 cutter head 360° float - IFT suspension float decompression-Type-C charging 1
Three Advantages: shaved clean, fast and comfortable
Shaving is clean, thorough, fast and efficient, which is a basic requirement for our one-piece electric shaver. In addition, this upgrade gives us a more comfortable, smarter and more convenient shaving experience.
360° floating veneer/ IFT suspension float/ Double blade/ Whole body washable/ LED display/ Type-C charging
2 3

3 cutter head 360° float
Fit the contours of the face without leaving a dead end

Complex facial contours and beard directions require a more flexible razor to deal with. Mijia Electric shaver S500 with 3 head design, 360 ° floating veneer system, easy to deal with the beard of different corners of the face, can be shaved at one time
Omnidirectional floating cutter head          Floating knife net


IFT suspension float
Reduce facial pressure, smooth and comfortable
In order to shave clean, the user is accustomed to pressing the cutter head, the facial pressure is increased, and the shaving comfort and smoothness are lowered. With IFT suspension technology, the cutter head can be suspended and floated to cushion facial pressure for smooth and comfortable shaving.
Double ring cutter
More demand and faster shaving
The double-ring knife net increases the area of the beard entering, which is 50% more than the single-ring knife net and the shaving speed is faster. The ratio of inner and outer ring mesh teeth to the number of blades is 1:2, which effectively balances the shaving efficiency of the inner and outer rings.
135 teeth
Double ring cutter network x 3
15 groups
Blade x3
Double-layer blade, shaved more thoroughly
The beard softly collapses and grows in different directions, and the knife net itself has a certain thickness, which is easy to leave a stubble. Using a double-layered blade, the auxiliary knife first lifts the beard, and the main knife then cuts the beard quickly and shaves it more thoroughly.
The cutter head net uses imported steel
The main knife material of the knife net is from Japan JFE company, and the auxiliary knife material is from SANDVIK company of Sweden.
9ECM electrochemical processing technology
The knife net is smooth and the cutter head is wear-resistant
The cutter head and the knife net are processed by the ECM electrochemical process to avoid the occurrence of metal burrs and at the same time greatly improve the wear resistance of the cutter. The knife net is smooth and the cutter head is wear-resistant.
Acceleration gear
Thick beard is also shaved
With the Japanese MABUCHI MOTOR 260 motor, the torque is large, the number of revolutions is high, and two gears are equipped. The standard gear is suitable for users with a high beard density, and the acceleration gear can meet the net demand of thick beard users.
Two gears        Automatic memory gear
LED digital display
4 large function display, smart and intimate

Power display
Each time the phone is turned on, the display shows the current percentage of the remaining razor.
Charging reminder
When the battery is below 5%, the display battery number flashes to remind you to charge.
Travel lock, avoid accidental boot
In the off state, press and hold the key to open the travel lock to prevent accidental booting.
Hu Xiaoqing reminder
When there are too many beddings, the cleaning/fault light will illuminate, prompting to clean up the cockroaches in time.


IPX7 body waterproof

Can be washed directly, wet and dry double shaving
The razor is waterproof and can be washed directly and cleaned. It is recommended to apply shaving foam to soften the beard and then shave, shave more cleanly, and experience more comfortable and smooth.
Can be rinsed directly        Support dry and wet double shaving


One Full Charging, 2 Months Using

Traveling and traveling are more convenient
Fully charged for 60 minutes, when the shaver is low and cannot be turned on, it can be used while charging. Upgrade the charging method, adopt Type-C interface, universal, and travel free.
General purpose interface
Durable life


Avoid fingerprints such as fingerprints during the handheld process. At the same time, it also makes the razor's overall hand grip more comfortable.
Removable cutter head for easy disassembly and cleaning
Separate body, the cutter head can be easily disassembled, flexible and convenient, and easy to clean.
1617 S500


Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500C: