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Xiaomi SU7 Was Officially Released, Bookings Reached 50,000 Within 27 Minutes of Launch

On March 28, Xiaomi Group held a Xiaomi car launch conference with the theme of "Forward" at the Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, officially releasing Xiaomi SU7.
At the press conference, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said: "This is the first official appearance of Xiaomi SU7, and it is also the most important moment in my life. The dream car of this era must have the most advanced intelligent technology and the best driving quality. We hope to build the best-looking, best-driving, and smartest car within 500,000 yuan, and build a high-quality car."
In terms of price, Xiaomi SU7 offers nine colors to choose from. Among them, the standard version is priced at 215,900 yuan, the Pro version is priced at 245,900 yuan, and the Max version is priced at 299,900 yuan. In addition, there are Xiaomi SU7 Founder Edition and Xiaomi SU7 Max Founder Edition, with the same price and a limited edition of 5,000 units. It can be ordered through the Xiaomi Auto App, Xiaomi Auto WeChat applet or Xiaomi Auto retail stores in 29 cities across the country. It will be delivered as soon as it is launched. The Founder Edition will be delivered as soon as April 3, and the Standard Edition, Max Edition, and Pro Edition will be delivered at the end of April and May respectively.
Users who make a reservation before April 30 will not only enjoy the Xiaomi Smart Driving Pro and Xiaomi Smart Driving Max priced at 18,000 to 26,000 yuan for life, but will also receive free gifts including a car-mounted smart refrigerator worth 2,000 yuan, a 25-speaker luxury stereo worth 6,000 yuan, In addition to Nappa leather seats worth 8,000 yuan, an electric spoiler worth 6,000 yuan, 20-inch plum blossom wheels worth 6,000 yuan, and Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires worth 9,000 yuan, etc., the above benefits vary depending on the model purchased. The highest discount exceeds 60,000 yuan. At the same time, owners of Xiaomi SU7 Founder Edition and Xiaomi SU7 Max Founder Edition can also choose from 9 colors for free, enjoy exclusive logos, exclusive gift boxes, free upgrades to carbon fiber rearview mirrors worth 8,000 yuan, and enjoy priority delivery in the same city.
At the press conference, Lei Jun reiterated Xiaomi Motors’ long-term goal: to become one of the top five car companies in the world through 15 to 20 years of efforts and strive for the overall rise of China’s automobile industry. Lei Jun said that smart electric vehicles are essentially “car × electric × intelligence”. In the past ten years, the industry has solved the problem of electrification. The next ten years will be the decade of intelligence. "Intelligence is the soul of cars, and intelligence will become the decisive point of this era."
In terms of smart technology, Xiaomi has technological accumulation and ecological scale that far exceed that of traditional car manufacturers. Xiaomi entered the smartphone market in 2010 and is now one of the top three mobile phone companies in the world. It has built the world's largest consumer-grade AIoT platform and built a "people-car home ecosystem" with Xiaomi's Thermal OS as the carrier. Advanced intelligent experience in the complete scene of "Home". At the same time, it has accumulated profound technical capabilities in OS, AI, robotics and other fields, and these capabilities will gradually be applied to Xiaomi cars. For example, Xiaomi SU7 not only has Xiaomi ThePaper OS, a bottom-level cockpit interconnection experience, and a complete ecology for people, cars, and homes, but it also enables Xiaomi’s self-developed end-to-end large-scale model to be put on the car for the first time. Xiaoai, which is fully supported by the large model, can not only control the car through voice interaction, but also integrate the car's position, direction, vision and other information, allowing the car to understand the real world like a human.
In addition to leading the way in smart technology, Xiaomi also continues to increase its investment in smart manufacturing and promote the integration and innovation of advanced smart technology and traditional manufacturing. To this end, Xiaomi built its own industry-leading automobile factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. In addition to the traditional four major processes of stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly, it also built its own large die-casting and battery workshops. The factory has 29 R&D laboratories and a 2.5-kilometer test track with a design speed of 120km/h and covering 18 test road conditions. When the factory reaches full capacity, a brand-new Xiaomi SU7 will roll off the assembly line every 76 seconds.
Xiaomi Automobile Factory is a smart factory with robots everywhere and high automation. The entire factory has more than 700 robots, which can realize 100% automation of key processes such as die-casting, stamping, body connection, body assembly, painting, and final assembly. The Xiaomi Automobile Factory is also a green factory. Carbon emissions and the use of renewable resources were taken into consideration from the beginning of its construction. For example, the top of the production workshop is covered with photovoltaic panels, which can generate 16.4 million kilowatt hours of green electricity every year; wastewater and gas are strictly controlled, with a treatment efficiency of up to 99%, and zero-emission of heavy metal waste. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Automobile Factory is led by technological innovation, maintains high efficiency, high quality, green and sustainable, and accelerates the development of new productivity.
"Intelligence is Xiaomi's strength. Starting from Xiaomi SU7, users can feel today's smart technology." Lei Jun said that looking to the future, Xiaomi's "Full Ecosystem for Human, Cars, and Homes" will connect all smart terminals like never before, without any inconvenience. Interconnection and capability collaboration allow everyone to experience a ubiquitous smart life.
The official release of Xiaomi SU7 also marks that Xiaomi's "Full Ecosystem for Human, Cars and Homes" strategy is moving from a "complete closed loop" to "fully open". This is also an important milestone for Xiaomi to make steady progress and move forward in 2024.