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Xiaomi is selling the world’s first zero-blue light Bedside Lamp

Back in May, the Xiaomi Youpin platform started crowdfunding for the world’s first zero blue light emitting bedside lamp. Now, the company has finally launched the Mi Zero Blue Light Bedside Night Lamp that is currently available for purchase for 329 Yuan (roughly 46 US Dollars).

The new bedside night lamp was developed by the academician team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nanchang University. It uses high efficiency yellow LED as its core and red LED to achieve a phosphor-free low color temperature. This technology is thus different from similar products in the market that utilizes a blue light filtering method.

In other words, the Mi Zero Blue Light Bedside Night Lamp does not emit any blue light from the source and has achieved true blue light free emission. Furthermore, it will not damage the human eye structure or strain the retina. Even toddlers, who are phototrophic, can directly look at the light source and will not be harmed. With its long wavelength band in the spectrum, it enables emits a soft and warm glow that is comfortable and improves sleep.