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Huawei router AX3 Pro officially goes on sale tonight, supports one-touch networking intelligent acceleration

At 0:00 on September 9, Huawei router AX3 Pro will officially go on sale. The router supports WiFi 6+3000Mbps, supports HarmonyOS one-touch networking, supports intelligent acceleration, and can bring a smooth Internet experience.

Compared with WiFi 5, WiFi 6 has four advantages: high bandwidth, high concurrency, low latency, and low power consumption. Huawei router AX3 Pro supports a 160MHz ultra-large bandwidth. With WiFi 6+ mobile phones, the speed is doubled compared to the traditional 80MHz bandwidth, which can bring a fast Internet experience. Huawei WiFi 6+3000Mbps, 160MHz ultra-large bandwidth, and a 10GB high-definition movie can be downloaded in the time of a small video. In addition, the AX3 Pro is compatible with the 160MHz bandwidth mode of WiFi 5. Some older models can connect to the AX3 Pro and still can surf the Internet quickly.

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