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Huawei mobile movie master class enters colleges and universities to encourage exploration of more creative possibilities

Last year, Huawei announced the "New Image · Mobile Movie Project" at the 33rd China Film Golden Rooster Awards, encouraging young creators to create mobile movies. Since then, Huawei has joined hands with the Golden Rooster Award Organizing Committee to hold a number of film and television colleges across the country. Huawei’s new image mobile phone film master class event. On April 27, Huawei announced that it will successively hold mobile phone movie master classes in more than 100 universities across the country to provide more support for young creators, including practical teaching and script evaluation.

It is reported that in order to encourage more young people to try to create and tell their own stories, Huawei will launch mobile film creation scholarships in major film and television colleges. At the same time, Huawei will introduce an IP content library to provide 30 blueprints of free stories for college students for secondary creation, and provide more content inspiration sources for movie creation. Huawei also provides platforms such as Huawei's video promotion area, so that the works of the younger generation of creators can be seen by more people, injecting new vitality into the mobile phone film and film industry.

As the pioneer and leader of the mobile movie track, Huawei hopes to start from the professional field and bring more changes to the mobile movie and even the movie industry. From a series of technological breakthroughs such as the super-sensing Leica film imaging system brought by Huawei's Mate40 series in 2020, to the continuous innovation of multi-mobile terminal collaboration systems in movie scenes, Huawei has made mobile movie creation easier by solving equipment obstacles and technical problems. Is flat. For example, Huawei's mobile phone imaging system is equipped with movie cameras and industry-leading time-lapse photography, which can achieve high-quality image output. With Huawei's tablets, computers, and smart screens, collaborative film production is more efficient.

At present, the 33rd China Film Golden Rooster Awards New Image·Mobile Movie Project is continuing to solicit original mobile movie works, and any creators interested in mobile movies can participate. The flagship Mate40 series of Huawei's mobile phone master is also on sale in stock, providing equipment support for mobile movie creation, allowing creators to shoot, edit, subtitle and send and upload on this "small video workstation", making creation and production more convenient .