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In the face of disasters, there are no borders! Xiaomi donates a total of 1 million euros to many places in Europe

In recent days, floods broke out in many parts of China. Thanks to the efforts of the people across the country, the severe disasters have been alleviated to a certain extent. In addition to China, floods in parts of Europe are also very serious. On July 27, the Xiaomi Charity Foundation announced that it would donate a total of 1 million euros to flood-stricken areas in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to help the floods in Europe.

In recent days, parts of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have suffered extreme floods that are rare in a century. Among them, the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lafayette, the Dutch province of Limburg and the Wallonia region of Belgium were the worst affected. After learning about the situation, Xiaomi donated a total of 1 million euros to the German Red Cross, the Dutch Disaster Foundation and the Belgian Red Cross to help the affected people tide over the crisis. The relevant funds are currently in place.

The Xiaomi Charity Foundation stated that no one is an island in the face of the disaster, and donations are just the beginning of the work. Whether it is the heavy rain disaster in Henan of China or the floods in Europe, the Xiaomi Charity Foundation will continue to work hard to support the disaster victims and help post-disaster reconstruction.