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  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

  • Category: Xiaomi
  • 1. Smart cleaning station
  • 2. S-Mopping assistant
  • 3. Auto pads lifting
  • 4. LDS navigation, AI + 3D obstacle avoidance
  • Product description:Xiaomi X10+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Non-Clean Dust Collection Fully Automatic Hypersensing AI Camera 4000PA Suction Mijia Support
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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

Non-wash fully automatic dust collection, a machine to free your hands

Ten items in onefree your hands, for a change

smart cleaning cabin

Automatic mop wash

automatic dust collection

automatic hot drying

Automatic water refill

Specialized cleaner

S-cross aitm super conscious stereoscopic obstacle identification and avoidance system

Laser navigation, al+3d stereo obstacle avoidance

Smart wet cleaning assistance

Smart water providing for uninterrupted scrubbing

automatic mop lift

Automatic carpet recognition, backwash lift

Special Floor Germ Removal Rate 99.9% Special Floor Cleaner

special floor cleaner

Smart link in every scene

Enjoy the freedom of bare feet when you get home

Introduction smart cleaning pods

One stop, no-wash, no-powder

Hand-free cleaning, hand-free dustbin emptying fully automatic cleaning, freeing your hands

Equipped with a fully automatic intelligent base, it supports multi-dimensional functions such as automatic dust collection, mop cleaning,

hot drying and automatic water refilling, etc. It also allows you to set the dust collection frequency and mop cleaning mode, freeing your hands completely.

Double Duct Automatic Dust Collection

Monthly dust bag disposal, hands free for 30 days*

Automatic water refill, constant moisture cleaning

Long-lasting cleaning and deep cleaning of the floor

2 hour hot air quick drying*

Mops are clean and dry without the need for drying

Fully automatic mop wash

Rotate and scrape, cleaner than washing hands

Al recognition + 3D multi-dimensional obstacle avoidance mm-level * perception accuracy, fast, accurate and stable obstacle avoidance

The new s-cross super conscious three-dimensional ATM recognition and obstacle avoidance system has millimeter-level perception accuracy,

supports object recognition and scene recognition, and provides fast, accurate and stable obstacle avoidance.


Al camera human-eye level ultra-sensitive object recognition, flexible planning and cleaning

Equipped with a super-aware camera and artificially intelligent graphics algorithms,

it recognizes a wide range of obstacles on the floor, as well as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Flexible planning of evasion paths and cleaning sequences, intelligently completing whole-house cleaning without human intervention.

Laser navigation, whole-house scanning intelligent route planning without fear of complex environments

With industry-leading laser navigation technology, it scans the indoor environment 360°,

quickly builds a home layout, and accurately plans the cleaning path without fear of light or environmental interference.

The 3D map can be generated in the Mi Casa app with one click, and the three-dimensional image is clear and understandable.


Ultrasonic carpet recognition, intelligent backwash automatically lifts the mop to prevent secondary contamination

Ultrasonic carpet recognition automatically lifts the mop and turns on super suction power to remove dust without wetting the carpet.

On the way back to the wash, the mop is also automatically raised to prevent secondary pollution of the floor.


Double mopping with the powerful stain removal of the rotating booster, no trace of dirt on the floor

Dual scrubbing cloths rotate at 180 rpm, with 3 adjustable water levels, simulating hand pressure scrubbing.

5 times more efficient cleaning power", powerfully removing stains such as dried coffee and mud stains. The only mopping mode is a low noise cleaner, so you can sleep without disturbance.

Main machine with its own cleaning tank water, constant humidity floor scrubbing floor sterilization rate > 99.9% *

The main unit has a built-in water tank, which is attached to the base for continuous water replenishment

and constant moisture scrubbing. Combined with the special floor cleaner, the floor germ removal rate is up to 99.9%, so you can have peace of mind when you are barefoot.

4000pa powerful fanfast suction of floor debris and particles

Suction performance is upgraded with a 4000pa* fan and 4-step suction mode, which removes dust,

hair and crevices as if the floor is "it's like taking a deep breath into the floor, making it more comfortable.


Smart life, instantly

Mi home app smart link unique cleaning solutions defined by you

Connect to the Mi App to link with door locks, air purifiers and other Xiaomi smart devices,

and customize your own cleaning solutions, opening up a new smart cleaning experience for your entire home.


Powering up with mi air purifier

Finish cleaning and turn on air purification for a fresher whole house

Link with xiaomi smart door lock

Start cleaning on the way out and come home to clean floors

Remote control, one-touch cleaning go home and enjoy barefoot freedom

You can clean your living room, bedroom or kitchen floor remotely, even when you are out and about, with just one click on the mi casa app.

Little love voice control whole house cleaning in one sentence