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  • Xiaomi Router AX3200
  • Xiaomi Router AX3200
  • Xiaomi Router AX3200
  • Xiaomi Router AX3200
Xiaomi Router AX3200Xiaomi Router AX3200Xiaomi Router AX3200Xiaomi Router AX3200

Xiaomi Router AX3200

  • Category: Xiaomi
  • 5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 2167Mbps
  • Wi-Fi Supported Frequency: 2.4G & 5G
  • Supports WDS: Yes
  • WAN Ports: 1 x10/100/1000Mbps
  • Product description:New Xiaomi Router AX6S/AX3200 Wifi 6 Dual-Band 3202Mbs Gigabit Rate Security Encryption Mesh Wifi External Signal Amplifie
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Three-Gigabit wireless rate, 8 data streams full-speed network

3200M wireless rate

High-speed dual-band, enjoy high-speed Internet experience

The Redmi router AX6S has a maximum speed of 3202Mbps, which is 174% higher than the mainstream AC1200 router, and the connection is faster.

8 data stream concurrency

Accommodate more devices at the same time, and surf the Internet more smoothly

The number of data streams determines the strength of the device's ability to send and receive signals. Compared with 4 data streams, the signal receiving and sending efficiency of 8 data streams is doubled, and the efficiency is higher.

MU-MIMO parallel transmission

Connect multiple devices together without waiting

Greatly increase the channel capacity, without fear of multiple devices surfing the Internet at the same time. Regardless of mobile phones, tablets, computers and so on. The whole family shares a high-speed and low-latency network.

OFDMA efficient sending and receiving

Further reduce network congestion

As the core technology of WiFi 6, it can transmit data required by multiple devices at one time, greatly reducing network congestion and delays.

Six high-gain omnidirectional antennas

Easily cover larger areas and longer distances

Six external high-gain antennas realize omni-directional signal coverage. The transmission capacity is stronger, and the signal is still stable in the complex and remote environment.

Support hybrid Mesh networking

There are also good signals for large and multi-storey houses

It can be networked with different models of Xiaomi WiFi6 routers to solve the signal coverage problems of large, duplex and multi-storey houses.

Beamforming technology

Directional enhancement of the signal, more stable networking

Intelligently discover mobile phones, computers and other devices that are using the Internet, and directionally enhance the network signal, making the Internet faster and more stable.

Support millet connection, automatic network configuration

Up to 128 smart devices, online at the same time

Automatically discover uninitialized Xiaomi smart devices, one-click network configuration. 256MB large memory, supports up to 128 units, and the devices are connected at the same time.

Xiaomi mobile phone exclusive acceleration

Intelligent recognition of game scenes, special optimization

Automatically recognize Xiaomi/Redmi phones, and enable exclusive acceleration in game scenarios to significantly reduce game delays and freezes.

Built-in NetEase UU game accelerator

Free 15-day accelerator membership, covering multi-platform and multi-terminal games. Global node coverage, enjoy ultra-low latency, stable high speed. Tookfun

More technical support

WPA3: A new generation of secure encryption protocol guards home network security

IPv6: Larger address space, higher forwarding efficiency and security

Dual-frequency integration: automatically select the appropriate frequency band for access, no longer entangled in which one to connect

Security Center: Wireless access control prevents malicious access of terminals