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Xiaomi's new phone design patent exposed, there is a "lightning" on the back of the phone?

On April 21, the new design patent of Xiaomi mobile phone was exposed online. In this version of the design, we see many design elements that are popular and sought after. But the most eye-catching part is the camera. The rear cameras of this phone are arranged in a lightning-like pattern, which is very recognizable in appearance.

This patent was filed by Xiaomi at the end of October 2020 and will be published on April 20, 2021. In addition to the brief description, the patent also includes 32 product pictures. The camera area of the Xiaomi mobile phone in the patent has been specially designed. The cameras are arranged in a lightning-like shape. The official also showed a variety of camera placement and corresponding effects. This kind of design is quite innovative. While increasing the recognition, it does not affect the aesthetics of the design of the phone itself. It is worth noting that from the top view effect, the camera area is not obvious.

In addition to the camera part, the Xiaomi mobile phone in the patent has chosen an under-screen camera solution to achieve a true full-screen visual effect. Xiaomi once demonstrated its third-generation under-screen camera last year. The effect is excellent. It alleviates the grille effect brought by the previous under-screen solution and improves the fineness of the screen. In addition, this phone also uses a vertical frame, and there are no reserved buttons on the side of the phone.

Whether the Xiaomi mobile phone in the patent will be transformed into a real product is still unknown, but some elements of this phone, such as the under-screen camera, are expected to appear on the flagship phone to be released by Xiaomi in the future.