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Glory router X3 Pro 2021 version is on sale!

At 10: 08, April 22, the Honor Router X3 Pro 2021 version is officially on sale. It supports dual-band acceleration, wired & wireless dual Gigabit, and Internet access is more fun.

Glory Router X3 Pro can intelligently identify the online course software, guarantee the priority forwarding of 20+ online online course software data, improve connection stability, and let children be more focused in class. At the same time, Honor Router X3 Pro supports exclusive mobile game acceleration. After starting the mobile game, this router can intelligently identify and perform special acceleration of the game, effectively reducing the game delay and making the game experience more enjoyable.

In terms of network speed and signal, Honor Router X3 Pro is equipped with a full Gigabit network port and Gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band concurrently, the theoretical wireless rate is as high as 1167Mbps, and the network speed takes off; with four reasonable layouts The high-performance widened antenna effectively reduces co-frequency interference and makes its signal coverage wider.

It is reported that the 5GHz signal is fast, 2.4GHz is good for wall penetration, and the Honor router X3 Pro supports dual frequency, and the two frequency bands are automatically selected to avoid interference. It automatically connects to 5GHz when you are close, and 2.4GHz when you are far away or when you are separated from the wall, giving you peace of mind and peace of mind.