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Mijia screen display switch will be online tomorrow, Xiaomi Youpin, can check temperature and humidity at any time

Many people are familiar with Xiaomi's Xiaomi Youpin, and its products are loved by many people. On June 22, Xiaomi launched the Mijia screen display smart switch, which will be launched tomorrow on Xiaomi Youpin.

Xiaomi Mijia's on-screen smart switch has two different buttons: single billing control and double billing control. Without wiring to replace the lamps, it can realize intelligent scenes such as remote switch lights, voice control lights, and home lights; switches; The built-in temperature and humidity sensor allows users to see the temperature and humidity of the room where the switch is located through the screen. Access to Mijia APP can also link indoor air conditioners and humidifiers; at the same time, the screen can also display the time and date, outdoor weather, etc. Replace the battery for the thermometer and hygrometer, making it easier and faster to upload temperature and humidity information.

In addition, you can check the control switch at any time by connecting to the Mijia APP, and you no longer have to worry about leaving home and forgetting to turn off the lights, and the electrical appliances are not powered off. You can also customize the buttons as the switch of other smart devices; the switch can be connected with built-in Bluetooth The Mesh gateway function product is linked with other smart products to realize the whole house interconnection. In addition to intelligence, the quality is also guaranteed. The product adopts a brass base + sterling silver contact design, which can withstand 80,000 presses, is not easy to oxidize, and is safe and durable.