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Liu Zuohu: One plus product is unique in that it realizes value from the user experience

On the evening of June 22, Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus Technology, issued a post stating that since the first generation of OnePlus, the appearance of OnePlus’ products can be called “industrial art”, and future OnePlus mobile phones will continue this design. It has been recognized by the majority of cheering. On the morning of June 23, Liu Zuohu issued a post again, stating that the product is the carrier for the realization of user needs, including the visible and the invisible. Another reason why OnePlus has not been troubled by "involution" is that it always adheres to the satisfaction and traction of user needs, persists in making products, and integrates community culture into products to achieve co-creation of value.

At the very beginning of the establishment of OnePlus, the participation and support of geek users from all over the world gained a reputation. To this day, this geek and incomplete spirit has become the DNA of OnePlus products. Including the best hand feeling and screen through products to change public perception, leading the industry's continuous progress in user experience. And in this year’s images, OnePlus has moved from 100 million yuan of main shots to natural color optimization in cooperation with Hasselblad. Every point is steady and steady. Through the products, users can realize their own value in the enjoyment and creation process while showing that OnePlus products are the key The ultimate advantage in experience.

Homogenization is not terrible. Persevere in oneself, strengthen confidence in making products, realize user value based on user experience, and verify and achieve product value and positioning through community culture and co-creation spirit. This is the deepest uniqueness of OnePlus products in terms of personality. Now, the time is coming to the second half of the year. What are your expectations for the next generation of OnePlus products?