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Mi MIX Flip renderings exposed! You may be able to see the secondary screen design again

Just like Samsung Fold and Flip, Xiaomi seems to have intentionally launched two folding screen mobile phones with different folding schemes. On July 12, the foreign media LetsGoDigital drew a rendering of Xiaomi’s new folding flagship. We temporarily call this machine MIX Flip. Because of the recent exposure of Xiaomi's new folding screen mobile phone patent, the machine will adopt a up and down folding scheme similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Judging from the renderings of this exposure, in addition to the up-and-down folding scheme, the Mi MIX Flip also uses a rear circular camera layout, which contains three cameras, and the screen form is a dual-hole design. It is worth noting that these pictures indicate that Xiaomi MIX Flip may provide multiple models. In addition to the rear circular camera layout, the Mi MIX Flip has another appearance: its rear is changed to a horizontal camera layout, and it also includes a secondary screen, just like the Mi 11 Ultra.

Combined with the previous patent drawings, the ports and buttons of the two new Xiaomi folding screens are almost identical. There is a USB Type C interface at the bottom, and the physical power/volume adjustment button is located on the right side of the fuselage. Xiaomi may fingerprint The sensor is integrated into the power button. In addition, the SIM card slot, speaker and microphone at the bottom of the machine should also be readily available.

In March of this year, Xiaomi MIX FOLD was released. The machine uses a common left-right folding scheme. Next, Xiaomi's another folding flagship may also be available, and the price may be cheaper.