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Xiaomi Youpin puts a natural wind pet drying box on sale

On July 13, Xiaomi Youpin launched a natural wind pet drying box. How about this natural wind pet drying box? According to the official introduction, the drying box supports a constant temperature of 38.5°, which is closer to the surface temperature of the pet, and can safely dry the pet without scalding. It adopts a stepped heating technology, just like the sun in early summer. The overheating warning module is built in the drying box, and the power will be automatically cut off when the temperature in the cabin exceeds 42°, making it safer to use. The drying box adopts 80% inner circulation + 20% outer circulation, simulating natural wind, and can dry pets three-dimensionally and quickly.

The natural wind pet drying box has low noise, and the running decibel is lower than indoor human voice, and it is not disturbing. The drying box has 3 modes of soft, gentle, and quick-drying, which can be used by pets of different lengths and shorts. In addition, the drying box is equipped with negative ion separation technology, which can release negative ions every 10 minutes, neutralize static electricity, and repair hair scales to form a skin moisture protection layer.
It is worth mentioning that this natural wind pet drying box also has a built-in O3 deodorization module. The average maximum O3 concentration released in 1 hour is 0.1mg/m3. It can eliminate odors in 20 minutes and realize the self-cleaning of the equipment after drying.