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Honor pro-selected magnetic suspension shock-absorbing treadmill starts pre-sale

The pace of life of modern people is very fast, especially for young people, it may be difficult to create conditions to go out for sports. At this time, having a treadmill at home is different. According to the official news of Honor Pro-selected, the pre-sale of the Honor Pro Choice magnetic suspension shock-absorbing treadmill has been launched at 0:00 today.

From the appearance point of view, the Honor Pro-selected magnetic suspension shock-absorbing treadmill has a simple design, tough lines and a metallic matte texture. In terms of size, this treadmill has a 640mm wide treadmill, a 480mm ultra-wide running area, and an 80mm safety pedal, which gives you a lot of room for display.

In terms of technology, the Honor Pro selection magnetic suspension shock-absorbing treadmill adopts a special suspension running board, which can effectively protect the knees. In terms of material, this treadmill uses high-grade running shoes cushioning material, which can effectively absorb impact and convert it into resilience. In addition, it also uses a flexible cushioning running board to protect your ankles and knee joints.

In terms of silence, the Honor Pro Selection Magnetic Levitation Shock Absorption Treadmill is equipped with a 1.25PH motor, which has a more stable output. With a customized silent running belt, the running noise is lower and will not affect the rest of yourself and your neighbors.
In terms of functions, the Honor Pro-selected magnetic suspension shock-absorbing treadmill is rich and diverse. It supports NFC one-touch smart interconnection, and can be connected to mobile phones, wearable devices, and Bluetooth speakers to share exercise data. At the same time, this treadmill also has built-in four professional sports modes to meet the needs of different age groups.