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Xiaomi Smart Glasses Discovery Edition is unveiled! Support call navigation, photo translation, etc.

On the evening of September 13th, Xiaomi officially issued a document saying: "I see the future at a glance, Xiaomi's new technology concepts and new products, see you tomorrow." It looks very mysterious and sci-fi. At 10 am on September 14, the answer was officially revealed. This new technical concept product is "Xiaomi Smart Glasses Discovery Edition"!

The seemingly ordinary glasses have a magical experience. According to Xiaomi's official introduction, if you wear it, there will be a vivid picture in front of you. The glasses use innovative MicroLED optical waveguide technology to make smart glasses truly miniaturized. The weight of the whole machine is only 51g, and the appearance is almost the same as ordinary glasses. However, compared with ordinary glasses, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Discovery Edition has much more powerful functions, supporting calls, navigation, taking pictures, translation, etc.

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