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Smart Ear Pick By Bebird

The MiOT ecosystem continues to amaze us, turning barely any device into a “smart”, like even an ear stick. Today we will tell you about one of the ecosystem partners who has released a new smart ear pick model on the crowdfunding platform. This is not the first device in the manufacturer's lineup.

Using ordinary ear picks has its own nuances because if you use them inaccurately, you can damage the inner structure of the ear. It can cause unpleasant consequences.

The Bebird Note 3 smart ear pick makes cleaning your ears safe and effective.

The device is equipped with an endoscope with a viewing angle of 75 ° and a focal length of 14 mm.

The model can be connected to a smartphone using a special application to show a video of your ear in real-time.

Such a function will allow not only to control the process but also to show and explain this procedure to your child without pain and fair.

The set of the stick includes 3 types of attachments: standard (for every day cleaning), special (for deeper cleaning), and curved (for removing old earwax). The set also includes a tweezers attachment.

The model is available in two colors - blue and white, the price is about $28.