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Xiaomi granted about 70 million market stocks to 3904 employees worth 1.53 billion yuan

On July 2nd, Lei Jun said on Weibo that Xiaomi today awarded about 70 million market shares to 3,904 employees to reward outstanding young engineers, outstanding fresh graduates and outstanding employees in the core positions of the team, as well as the winner of the annual technology award. Lei Jun said that he personally took charge of the "Young Engineer Incentive Program". The first batch of about 700 outstanding young engineers was selected and obtained a total of 16.042 million shares (about 350 million yuan). This time I started with the mobile phone department and the Internet department, mainly front-line R&D engineers, test engineers, product managers, designers, etc. The youngest selected employee was only 24 years old. As of the close of business on July 2, Xiaomi's share price was 26.2 Hong Kong dollars, and the 70 million shares were worth 1.834 billion Hong Kong dollars, or about 1.53 billion yuan.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi implements a "technology-based" strategy and regards recruiting, training and motivating young engineers as one of its core tasks. At the same time, it plans to recruit about 5,000 engineers throughout the year.