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Xiaomi’s new Logo has been put on Xiaomi Houses in China, and the effect is actually pretty good!

At the end of March this year, Xiaomi launched a new Logo. Although many netizens felt that Xiaomi was a loss afterwards, it should not be disputed that the Xiaomi Logo changed from square to round and became more beautiful. According to the "Mijia Pet Fanshe" Weibo news, at present, Xiaomi's new Logo has been landed in Xiaomi homes across the country. Judging from the pictures, the effect is indeed not bad.

At the new products launch conference held at the end of May, Lu Weibing said that in the future, Xiaomi will open 10,000 authorized stores in the villages and towns of Xiaomi Home. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve transparency of online and offline information, so that users in villages and towns can enjoy good products with the same price, same quality and same experience in the e-commerce market like online users. This means that Xiaomi's new retail is about to open a new chapter.

As Xiaomi’s new Logo is successively moved to the national Xiaomi home, Xiaomi will show its new image to consumers. Just as the outside world has interpreted, Xiaomi's new logo has changed from square to round, making it more cordial. It is conceivable that when 10,000 authorized stores of Xiaomi's home township really appear in front of consumers, how Xiaomi's logo will become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.