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The official announcement of realme GT Master Series is scheduled for July 21st

On the morning of July 14, Xu Qi, Vice President of Realme, President of China, and President of Global Marketing, announced the new blockbuster product-Realme GT Master Series. Xu Qi wrote that it is finally here! This time, reignite your ambition to explore the world, and make good design more than just good-looking. On July 21st, the realme GT Master Series was officially released. At the same time, the realme GT mobile phone officially stated that as long as the heart is wild enough, explore the realme GT master series by your side, realme x Naoto Fukasawa's inspired work, to awaken travel memories with synesthetic design.

In this official announcement poster, realme also conveyed several important messages. For example, this new product is synesthesia. Although it sounds abstract, it is in line with the tone of the master version. Full of expectation; for example, "new product launch in the air", realme is hinting that everyone should be very creative in the format of the launch. Is it going to be held on the plane? Or is there a new definition of air?

Finally, there is another important signal that this time there may be more than one product of the Master Edition, because the official wording is "True Me GT Master Series Products", which means that there will be at least two new products this time.