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The Xiaomi Mijia travel iron debuts on AliExpress in the flash offer

The company Lei Jun announced a new Iron travel weblog Xiaomi Mijia , a rated maximum portability solution can offer a couple of really bad functions, especially in relation to the bargain price which will debut at home. Obviously, following in the wake of the rest of the products dedicated to home and personal care, the new Xiaomi Mijia travel iron also arrives with a minimal design and a body made of white plastic, with the Mijia logo on the base. The upper part integrates a 160 ml container for water (sufficient for at least 6 shirts in a single "session") while the handle has only the power button.

The high-temperature steam jet ( 120 ° C ) comes from the metal plate positioned on the top and is able to sterilize the garments with an efficiency of up to 99.9% (complete with the elimination of mites). It only takes 30 seconds to run at full capacity . All with a weight of just 780 grams (with tank without water).

As usual when talking about the Chinese brand - and of products launched through the official channels at home - the new portable iron of Xiaomi has been launched at a small cost. The dedicated crowdfunding campaign started last May at a price of only 99 yuan (about € 12 at the exchange rate).

Obviously things for us Westerners are very different, as it is an imported product. However, the travel iron is finally available for us too thanks to AliExpress, on a flash offer. Below you will find the link to purchase: if you do not view the box correctly, try to disable AdBlock.