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Austria considers Huawei, ZTE building 5G network: they are more competitive

With the continuous spread of 5G networks, many countries and regions are now promoting 5G networks in the construction of 5G base stations. In terms of the construction of the 5G network, my country's Huawei, ZTE and other enterprises have a good technical level.

Recently, foreign media reported that Austrian Telecom will consider opening an open attitude toward Huawei and ZTE. A senior executive of the company said that the company will launch a 5G network in multiple countries and regions. The company's chief operator stressed Condro Prat said: "For us, the market with Chinese suppliers can test the performance of different networks in real time." He also said that China's technology is not only cheap And the features provided are better than European counterparts, making it competitive.

The construction of Huawei 5G network has been recognized by many companies, and the A1 Telekom Austria Group's parent company America Mvil will give Huawei's excellent telecommunications equipment supplier last year.