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The Legal Department of Xiaomi Group won two 2021 SSQ ALB China Law Awards

In daily life, we may easily feel the convenience brought by the Internet, and its virtual nature has made many people mistakenly believe that the Internet is an "outside the law", but is that true? In the past few years, we have seen the results of various cases on the Internet. This is inseparable from a strong legal team. In the face of illegal incidents, it is the legal team to fight hard to protect legitimate rights and interests.

On the evening of May 27th, Xiaomi Group officially announced that the Legal Department of Xiaomi Group won two "2021 SSQ ALB China Law Awards". The legal team of Xiaomi Group has always adhered to close cooperation with technology and business. With its comprehensive strengths such as professionalism and agility, it has been on the list three consecutive times since 2019. For the first time this year, it has also won the "Business Annual Most Innovative Company Legal Group Award" and Two awards for "Longan Annual Chinese Private Enterprise Legal Affairs Group Award".

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