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Xiaomi supercharge technology has a new breakthrough! Or fully charge the phone in a few minutes

What are the characteristics of mobile phones now? High refresh rate screen, excellent camera system, special optimization for the game, and overcharge technology that reflects the ultra-high battery life. As people use mobile phones more and more frequently, there are more and more applications with high power consumption, and the speed of power consumption is getting faster and faster. Many people are suffering from "power anxiety". The overcharging technology developed by various manufacturers has alleviated people's power anxiety to a certain extent. A very short time of charging can make the mobile phone have a considerable amount of power, which is still very attractive to many people.

On May 30, the official blog of Xiaomi mobile phone announced that Xiaomi has made a new breakthrough in supercharging, and this new technology will be officially announced today. This dynamic has attracted the attention of many people. Xiaomi has a good overcharging technology before. You know, Xiaomi’s wired charging is up to 120W and wireless charging is also 67W. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, equipped with 120W second charging technology, takes only 23 minutes to fully charge the phone. All have 120W wired flash charging, how high can Xiaomi's charging technology this time be?