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Continuation of Huawei's high quality, Honor Magic and Huawei Mate share the same supply chain

On May 13, according to Mobile China, due to the impact of the epidemic, many mobile phone manufacturers "lack of cores" led to serious product shortages. However, for supply chain companies, this has not affected their performance. On the contrary, many supply chain manufacturers have obtained large quantities of orders.


According to a supplier of Huawei Mate series: In cooperation with Huawei, insufficient factory capacity did have some impact on Huawei Mate series, but there was no serious problem. And after the independence of the Honor brand, we have also reached a long-term cooperative relationship with Honor Mobile. At present, we have received a large number of orders for Honor's high-end flagship mobile phones. In fact, for all mobile phone manufacturers, high-quality supply chain partners are most in short supply, especially now that all domestic mobile phone manufacturers want to hit the high-end market.

Although all flagship phones on the market are currently in a state of "core shortage", they will be affected more or less. But judging from the supplier's performance, the momentum is rather good. In addition, according to the supplier, the Huawei Mate series and the Honor Magic series use the same supply chain, so it is basically certain that Honor will position the Magic series as the super flagship. This is not only Honor's guarantee for the quality of the new Magic series, but also a continuation of Huawei's Mate series. The launch of the Magic series is expected to help Honor take over Huawei's high-end market.