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Xiaomi smart camera starts pre-sale 2.5K ultra-clear imaging

The Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ version is newly upgraded to 4 million pixels, supports 2.5K high resolution, further improves the imaging effect, and the picture is clearer.

The new product is equipped with a F1.4 large aperture lens, which doubles the amount of light input compared to F2.0, and is equipped with a 6P lens.
It can effectively reduce the light loss rate, and the image of the picture is more transparent. At the same time, the camera has a built-in high-sensitivity image sensor,
with high-performance image algorithms, and can present colorful images in an ultra-low light environment.
The Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ version has a built-in 940nm infrared fill light. In the night environment, the camera will not emit red light spots, and users can sleep at ease.
The Mi Smart Camera 2 PTZ version uses a dual-motor PTZ design, the lens can be flexibly rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 108 degrees vertically,
and is also equipped with a large-diameter speaker.Improve stereo sound quality. At the same time, the new product also supports two-way voice real-time calls,
the pickup distance is as far as 5 meters, the microphone can intelligently reduce noise, and the two-way communication sound quality is clearer.
In addition, the camera has built-in AI human figure detection module and AI face recognition technology,
which can recognize human figure contours faster and distinguish family and friends.
The new product can also be connected to mobile phones, tablets, Xiao Ai and Xiaomi TV, and supports remote viewing.