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Honor Smart PTZ camera ultra-clear version uses low-light full-color technology

On May 11th, Honor Smart Life announced that the ultra-clear version of the Honor Pro-choice smart pan/tilt camera is officially on sale, with 1080P ultra-clear image quality, low-light full-color technology, and clear images in low-light environments; multiple AI intelligent detection functions , Escort your home safety.

The ultra-clear version of the smart pan/tilt camera is equipped with a HiSilicon family smart core, which has high-quality image quality processing capabilities and smart security capabilities; 1080P ultra-clear image quality, high-sensitivity lens module, 3D image noise reduction, and fuller colors; F2. 0 large aperture, which brings more light input, and the image is delicate and natural; low-light full-color technology, high-quality color image effects can be presented in low-light environments; 10m infrared night vision, low noise, no red exposure and more permeability Strong.

Using HiSilicon chip algorithm, F2.0 large aperture, finely optimize image highlights and shadow details, and present clear results under complex light; intelligent PQ face dimming technology, effectively avoiding overexposure and darkening of the face, and improving human shape Regional rich color changes, presenting high-quality images; adopting a new generation of intelligent coding technology, saving storage space and bandwidth; supporting AI humanoid detection, AI motion tracking, AI crying detection, AI smart review, 360° Panoramic cruises, etc., bring an excellent housekeeping experience.