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The Honor Magic 3 series of all-round strength hit the high-end market. See you on August 12!

On July 16, Honor Mobile officially announced that the Honor Magic 3 series will be released globally on August 12. According to the official information, the Honor Magic 3 series may be equipped with a super large circular lens, which will bring a huge breakthrough in imaging, and "Beyond Epic·To Extraordinary" indicates that it will bring extraordinary innovation and technology, and use technology to create excellence. , Impacting the high-end market.

As the flagship of all-powerful technology, the Honor Magic3 series integrates performance, imaging, power consumption, communications, artificial intelligence, and privacy and security. It is the masterpiece of Honor Technology. For example, in terms of performance, the Honor Magic 3 series will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+; in terms of imaging, this series may be equipped with a super outsole. At the same time, the core experts of the original Huawei imaging research and development team will be assembled, and a major breakthrough in imaging capabilities .

The Magic3 series is also a high-end piece of glory. As the first ultra-high-end flagship of the new glory, the Honor Magic3 series bears the huge responsibility and mission of the new glory to create extraordinary technology and impact the high-end market. We hope that the Magic3 series can become a high-end glory masterpiece with innovations and breakthroughs in performance, imaging, design, and quality. Before the press conference, it is expected that the Honor official will continue to release more news.