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Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L launched

Rice cookers are an indispensable electrical appliance for every household. It is particularly important to choose a good rice cooker. Xiaomi Rice cookers are loved by many people. Recently, Mijia Smart Rice Cooker 3L was launched on Xiaomi Youpin.

The Mi Smart Rice Cooker 3L is equipped with a spherical pressure accumulating valve to form a micro-pressure cooking space, which can fully release the nutrition and sweetness of the rice grains, and has an excellent taste; it adopts a large heating coil to surround and heat at 360°C, which has the advantages of high efficiency and large firepower; Built-in 3mm thick flame kettle liner, deep heat storage and heat conduction balance, can achieve efficient heating, uniform conduction, long-term heat storage, rice grains are distinct, delicious and healthy; using Japan Daikin food contact PFA powder non-stick coating, after 2500 cooking tests in the laboratory will not fall off, ensuring long-term use.

Mi Smart Rice Cooker 3L is embedded with "Mijia Small Black Screen", which can remind you of appointment information, remind the cooking status, and the remaining cooking time at a glance. You can also customize the taste and adjust the softness and hardness of the rice grains to achieve "private customization"; in addition to cooking For rice, the rice cooker has a complete range of cooking and stewing. It is easy to make cakes, seafood, and Dongpo meat. Built-in NFC can quickly start the intelligent kitchen scene with a touch.