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Yunmi sweeping and dragging robot Alpha 2 Plus starts crowdfunding and automatically collects dust for 30 days

Yunmi sweeping and dragging robot Alpha 2 Plus has a built-in AI chip, which has extremely fast response speed; equipped with four sets of lidar, it can identify more than 150 kinds of low obstacles; it has millimeter-level obstacle avoidance capabilities, which can be used in complex and narrow obstacles. Travel freely in space. In complex environments, this product has the advantages of strong collision avoidance, less stuck and no falling. In addition, users can control this sweeping robot by linking with Yunmi refrigerator and Yunmi smart screen by binding the APP account of Yunmi Mall.

Yunmi sweeping and mopping robot Alpha 2 Plus adopts a quadruple purification filter design to prevent secondary pollution; uses ceramic catalyst deodorization technology to achieve a better antibacterial and odor removal effect; with 4000Pa cyclone high suction power, it has a stronger dust collection capacity ; Equipped with constant voltage control water tank + antibacterial mop, no water stains will be left wherever you go. In addition, this product is also equipped with a 2.5L dust bag, which can automatically collect dust for 30 days, freeing users' hands.

In other respects, Yunmi sweeping and dragging robot Alpha 2 Plus can formulate a cleaning plan for each room, and adjust the suction, water volume and cleaning mode according to the needs of users; support AI voice control, connect Mijia APP/Xiaoai speakers to achieve this Features.