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Zimi PurPods Pro wireless noise-cancelling headphones Yao Yue listed tomorrow

Previously, the PurPods Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones launched by Zimi Company have been loved by everyone. On April 27th, Zimi PurPods Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones will be officially launched on the market.

Zimi's PurPods Pro true wireless noise reduction headphones have ANC dual active noise reduction functions, using feedforward and feedback microphone dual active noise reduction technology, which can eliminate excess noise in the external environment and ear canal, and the noise reduction depth is as high as 35dB. Whether in a quiet park in the early morning or in a crowded downtown, wear this headset and you will have the world.

It also uses Zimi's self-developed EQsmart adaptive technology, which is intelligently integrated into the user's use scene, and is a headset that has high "EQ" and understands you. When moving between noisy and quiet environments, Zimi PurPods Pro adaptive technology will subtly adjust the volume. It can also intelligently match the noise reduction depth in different scenes. The automatic game mode of this headset cooperates with the MIUI system and the game acceleration application, and it automatically enters the game mode when playing games, which is one step faster.

In terms of battery life, Zimi PurPods Pro supports fast flash charging, which can charge up to 50% of the headset in just 15 minutes, and charge for 5 minutes to listen to music for 2 hours. It also has a 10-hour long battery life, a single charge, the headset can play for up to 10 hours, and when used with a charging box, it can play for up to 32 hours.