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Huawei Smart Selection Deschmann Smart Door Lock Pro enhances your happiness from entering the door

What is a happy life? Different people may have different understandings. Sometimes it is happiness to go home and eat the steaming dumplings made by mom and dad; sometimes it is happiness to go out and run into a shared bicycle and ride to the subway station; sometimes it is happiness to get off work on time. In the intelligent age, happiness may have a new definition. From the moment you go home and open the door, you can feel full of happiness.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to install smart door lock products for their homes. From opening the door to closing the door, it not only protects the safety of our home, but also allows the entire family's smart products to be linked together. But what follows is that some smart locks on the market still have problems such as unstable functions, weak security capabilities, and low success rate of fingerprint recognition. The smart lock industry is still innovating, designing and manufacturing smart doors that can better meet the needs of the public. lock.

The newly launched Huawei Smart Select Deschmann Smart Door Lock Pro opens the first step in smart life! Users can personalize the management and control of door locks and the entire house, linking smart devices such as air conditioners, TVs, curtains, Bluetooth speakers, etc., to experience the happiness of smart linkage of the whole house at the moment of opening the door.

Different from ordinary smart door lock products, Huawei Smart Select Deschmann Smart Door Lock Pro has infrared dual-camera face recognition capability. When you approach the door lock, it will wake up without using fingerprints. When you carry a bunch of things in your hand You will know how easy it is to use face recognition. And it uses the infrared dual-camera face recognition technology + artificial intelligence solution, which brings higher security, and there is no need to worry about being cracked by some criminals.

In terms of home furnishing linkage that everyone pays attention to, Huawei Smart Select Deschmann Smart Door Lock Pro supports WiFi direct connection, without a gateway, and real-time information push to understand the latest developments of the family. By setting the away from home mode, you can automatically turn off the air conditioner, lighting, Bluetooth speakers and other devices at home while being locked, saving you the trouble of often forgetting to turn off, and it will also turn on infrared human body sensing in addition to turning off commonly used devices Some security equipment, such as alarms, smoke alarms, etc., protect your home safety when you go out.

   Then go home? Huawei Smart Select Deschmann Smart Door Lock Pro can also be equipped with a home mode, the light will be turned on when the door is opened, the Bluetooth speaker will automatically voice welcome, the indoor lighting will be adjusted to the most comfortable brightness, the TV will also be turned on, saving you some steps . In addition, it also supports home mode, dining mode, theater mode, and security mode, allowing you to fully enjoy the convenience of smart life.

Happiness may be the simplest life. Even though work allows us to 996, Huawei Smart Select Deschmann Smart Door Lock Pro allows you to find your own happiness the moment you go home.