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Xiaomi 10T Pro will be available: it will cost around 5,560 yuan

Earlier, IT was reported that the successor of Xiaomi 9T Pro, Xiaomi 10T Pro, was about to be released. Today's blogger @digital Chat announced that xiaomi 10T Pro was about to be released and gave the price information of the phone, but did not give the exact release date.

According to the blogger, xiaomi 10T Pro features a 144Hz ULTRA-high brush LCD + Snapdragon 865+108MP main camera + 5000mAh large battery with a price of 699 Euros (about RMB5560).

IT Home previously reported that xiaomi's 10T Pro will use a side-mounted fingerprint recognition scheme and a 108-megapixel rear quad-shot scheme, according to its rendering information.

It's not clear when the phone will be released