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Xiaomi brings in four new executives on the Partners Board to push AI and IoT

Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO and Chairman, has brought in 4 new senior executives to the company’s partner board. These new executives will affect the Chinese tech giant’s future direction and development and will help push the company’s AI and IoT portfolio.

The CEO sent a letter to his staff, announcing the appointment of four new executives onto its senior management board. The newly hired individuals include Xiaomi president Wang Xiang, Xiaomi senior vice president Chew Shouzi, Xiaomi vice president 

Zhang Feng and Xiaomi vice president Lu Weibing. This including the five founding partners, makes the team consist of nine partners at the moment.

According to Lei Jun, “The partnership system is a collective decision-making mechanism for Xiaomi’s core corporate affairs and is responsible for passing on the company’s cultural values.” He added that the new appointments will also help shape its 10

year strategy focusing on smartphones, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Earlier this year, Lei Jun had said that the company will invest at least 50 billion Yuan (roughly 7.2 billion US Dollars) in 5G, AI, and IoT over the course of five years. This effort was to expand its electronic portfolio, which would consist of interconnected 

products and services that were made by either Xiaomi or its partners. So, the move can be said to be a part of its plans that were announced in early 2020.