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Xiaomi's 'smart glasses' aim to cure brain diseases

Xiaomi's new patent is a bizarre mix of "smart glasses" and a therapeutic tool that is closer to Herbalife than it is to consumer technology.

Based on the patent report, the device shows no indication of Google Glass-like head-up display integration. The product prima facie seems to focus on alternative therapy involving treatment of "brain or mental diseases." Electronics embedded in the frame transmit electromagnetic, phototherapy signals

The patent details "smart glasses" that emit a range of therapeutic signals to treat a host of issues ranging from eye fatigue to brain diseases. It has electronics embedded within the frame that transmit phototherapy signals in addition to sound and electromagnetic waves. The list of treatments the patented design can do also includes headaches and promoting blood circulation in the brain.It must be noted that a majority of patents do not translate into commercial products. The chances of this one succeeding look pretty slim. Getting consumer tech products certified in US and European markets is hard enough, but doing the same with something that emits waves affecting the brain will need stricter scrutiny from the various medical and health certification bodies.

In addition to smartphones, Xiaomi manufactures a wide array of consumer electronics through its extensive OEM partnerships. Most of these products are sold exclusively in China to avoid strict licensing requirements and intellectual property laws in Western markets. If the patent ever comes to fruition, it will most likely be restricted to the Chinese markets, like most obscure Xiaomi Home products.