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Leak reveals Redmi smartwatch will launch soon

Honor is to Huawei as Redmi is to Xiaomi. What started as a line of affordable smartphones by Xiaomi now includes multiple product lines including PC notebooks, TVs, 

washing machines, and more. Now, it is set to launch its first smartwatch.

A few months ago, Redmi announced the Redmi Band, a fitness tracker that is also sold as the Mi Smart Band 4C in some markets. For those who want a proper smartwatch, 

then you should be happy to know that a Redmi Smartwatch will soon be announced according

Actually, this is not the first time we have heard of the Redmi Smartwatch. The first time was back in November 2019, after the launch of the Mi Watch. The General Manager of Redmi, 

Lu Weibing, asked on Weibo shortly after the Mi Watch launched if fans of the brand were looking forward to a Redmi Watch.               

This announcement was followed by the certification of a Redmi product with model number HMSH01GE in January. As you can see in the image above, the product is said to be a “Smart Watch”. 

It appears the development of the smartwatch has been completed and it is ready to hit the market.

We have no idea what the Redmi Smartwatch will look like and what specs it will pack. One thing we are pretty sure about is its price tag which should be lesser than that of the Mi Watch.

Redmi is expected to announce a new phone powered by the Dimensity 1000+ processor next month. There is a chance the Redmi Smartwatch will be announced alongside it

Redmi Smartwatch