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Xiaomi gets sued by InterDigital in India for alleged patent infringement

InterDigital, a US-based mobile and video Research & Development company, has sued China-based Xiaomi in the Indian market for allegedly copying its patented technology. The company has not filed one but two patent infringement actions against Xiaomi.

One complaint involves infringement of five of InterDigital’s cellular 3G and 4G Indian patents and the other complaint involves infringement of three of InterDigital’s H.265/HEVC Indian patents.


It appears that the legal action is being taken after years of negotiations. With the case filed in the Delhi High Court, the company is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for alleged infringement of its Indian patents.

The firm has also sought injunctive relief from the court to prevent further infringement of its patents unless Xiaomi decides to take a license on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms set by the court.

In a statement, InterDigital CEO William J. Merritt said: “Wireless and video standards play the important role of eliminating barriers to entry, enabling new companies – like Xiaomi – to enter the market and have success despite having made no investment in previous wireless research activities.”

Xiaomi is currently the largest smartphone brand in the Indian market and has captured around 29 percent of the market share. It is followed by Samsung, which regained the second position in India with 26 percent market share, inching close to take the pole position in the Indian smartphone market.